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"Millennials represent more than half of the world's population and have enormous cultural influence and spending power. It is critical for today's marketers to understand how to speak to them in an impactful way."
-The Intelligence Group

Getting Inside the Heads of Students

Our mission at Inceptia is clear: to support schools as they help students create healthy financial futures. So we’ve worked hard to make our financial wellness products more relevant for today’s students and borrowers. This is critical, because times have changed and so have the people you serve. Today’s young borrowers think and act differently, and institutions need new ways to communicate with and motivate them. Inceptia understands this better than anyone.


Following more than a year of research and discovery, we are excited to empower schools to better engage with the Millennial audience, while also connecting effectively with adult learners and the up-and-coming Generation Z.


Introducing the Knowl

Meet the Knowl. He’s an owl who wants to impart knowledge about money. In fact, the Knowl knows everything your students need to know about making smarter financial decisions. He’s not a smug know-it-all. And he’s not a banker. He’s like an older sibling who’s got your students’ backs, financially.


The face of Inceptia for student engagement, the Knowl embodies all the right characteristics. He’s optimistic, but realistic. He’s easy to understand, but never dumbed down. He’s honest without being judgmental. And he’s irreverent without being frivolous. Through the Knowl, Inceptia and the schools we serve can better engage with Millennials about financial wellness – by being fun, authentic, and most of all, non-institutional.