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Annually, Inceptia helps over 220,000 students borrow wisely, resolve their delinquency issues and work towards successful student loan repayment.

What We Do

Congress and the U.S. Department of Education continue to make substantial changes in the funding and administration of federal student aid programs. Changes that result in schools assuming greater responsibilities towards the financial success of their borrowers. As the student loan landscape changes, we adapt to meet the needs of our clients.


Building upon over 30 years of experience, Inceptia, a division of National Student Loan Program (NSLP), is a nonprofit organization providing expertise in higher education access, student loan repayment, analytics, default prevention, financial education and verification. Inceptia educates students on how to pay for college, guides borrowers through loan repayment counseling, and provides default prevention strategies and services to schools. Since 1986, we have helped more than two million students achieve their higher education dreams at 5,500 schools nationwide.


At Inceptia, our mission is simple: to support schools as they arm students with the knowledge needed to become financially responsible citizens – moving boldly into the future without accumulating the burden of debt and default.


Let’s make that vision a reality together, starting on your campus.