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Meet the Knowl. He's an owl who's knowledgeable about money and is eager to guide you toward success as you establish good money habits.

Managing Your Federal Student Loans

Who is Inceptia?

Inceptia is a nonprofit organization that partners with schools and loan holders to provide free assistance in understanding information, tools and resources available on student loans. We help communicate with current and past students through a team of professional counselors to guide them through the options and resources available on existing student loans.


Why We May Contact You

We may reach out to assist you in understanding your student loan repayment options, rights and responsibilities, along with resources for staying out of delinquency and default. Ultimately, we want to guide you towards successful student loan repayment. We want to be your H.E.R.O when dealing with your student loans. Our motto is “Helping Educate Responsible Repayment Options”, and we provide each borrower guidance and understanding through respect and dedication.


Who is the Knowl?

The Knowl’s an owl who wants to impart knowledge about money. In fact, he knows a lot about what you need to know about making smarter financial decisions. He’s eager to guide you toward success as you establish money habits that will shape your financial future – both in school and beyond. The Knowl’s had his share of financial faux-pas moments, so he can relate to you. Actually, he wants nothing more than to share his well-earned financial wisdom with anyone who is struggling to understand money management. Be sure and follow the #Knowl on your path to financial wellness.


Everything You Need to Know About Repayment


Should you discover that your federal student loan is delinquent, contact the Inceptia Outreach Team to visit with a trained Inceptia counselor at 855.471.1615 to learn of repayment options to help you get back on-track.