How does your CDR look?


Having a good cohort default rate (CDR) is vital to your students and your institution but have you taken time to analyze your CDR? The first step is simply MONITORING YOUR RATE ALL YEAR LONG. Inceptia clients have access to the Cohort Activity Report, a helpful tool that makes CDR monitoring easy. Now, we’re giving all schools access to this report, FREE OF CHARGE.


Access Report


There’s no reason to put off checking your CDR. Simply sign up to create your free Cohort Activity Report. Upon gaining access, you can upload your School Portfolio Report to generate your results. The Cohort Activity Report shows your open cohort rates and the number of students in repayment and in default.


Times Have Changed


If you’d like to improve your numbers, implement Inceptia’s solutions designed to help borrowers with repayment success.


  • Grace Counseling Outreach proactively connects with borrowers during the critical grace period to educate them on their repayment obligations and ensure repayment success and keeping your CDR where you want it.
  • Repayment Counseling Outreach is a proven and effective solution for reaching out to students in delinquency to help resolve debt repayment worry. Our trained counselors – including bilingual – make an unlimited amount of attempts to contact students and assist them in understanding options for successful repayment and offer tools for money management.


What you do today has a lasting impact on your cohorts and your school.


We are ready to work with your school to help manage your default rate and guide your students on the path to successful financial futures. Sign up for our no obligation Cohort Activity Report, and take the first step to maintaining a healthy CDR today.


Track your cohort default rate all year. Sign up to create your free report today!

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