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It’s time to uncomplicate the SAP Appeal Process

SAP Appeals can be confusing and complicated for students. Getting back on track shouldn’t be.

SAP Advisor is a fully automated online solution that provides students, faculty and the financial aid staff with the tools to effectively manage the Satisfactory Academic Progress process and SAP appeals – quickly and seamlessly.


SAP Advisor offers a two-fold benefit by helping students and schools:


  • Streamline the Appeal Process – SAP Advisor gives students a dynamic platform to guide them through the appeal process via automated electronic appeal submission. For schools that have tasked a committee to review appeals, SAP Advisor facilitates and speeds up the process by allowing committee members to vote on appeal submissions remotely.
  • Manage the Academic Plan – As some schools require an Academic Plan to supplement the appeal process, SAP Advisor provides an online portal where students and advisors can communicate virtually, build and monitor the plan.
  • Track and Learn – Administrative staff can view progress of students from one step to the next throughout the process. The admin site allows you to prompt students who are not progressing and view reports during and after the process to help you understand when students tend to need help and reminders.
  • Simplify Document Management – All documentation is collected as appropriate through SAP Advisor, removing that task from your school’s financial aid team. In addition, it attaches the documentation to the student record so there is no sorting. You can pull individual documentation from our systems when required or we can provide a complete download of the information to the school.


By automating the document collection and review process, SAP Advisor increases the efficiency of your faculty, advisors and financial aid office. And by empowering Millennials through the self-service, intuitive online solutions they expect, you will see an increase in student satisfaction and retention.


Ready to learn how SAP Advisor can make a difference at your school? Let’s get started.