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Transforming Verification. Two Solutions, Including New SaaS System, Offer Time Savings and Flexibility

Verification Gateway – SaaS and Full Service

Financial Aid Verification Solved

Verification Gateway combines the time savings of a fully automated, seamless process with the flexibility to add personal interaction, if needed, guiding students and parents through verification via a highly secure, mobile-friendly web portal.


Two Options. Maximum Flexibility.

Verification Gateway Full Service. Final verifications are completed by Inceptia and processed within two business days of receipt of all documents.

Verification Gateway SaaS. A software-only option, which enables the school to complete the verifications.


The Gift of Time

Verification Gateway frees up valuable time for financial aid administrators, allowing staff to focus on what’s most important — your students — while receiving completed verifications faster. Package student files and disburse aid more quickly, which greatly increases the likelihood that students will enroll in your school.


C/R Code Resolution

Utilizing the same fully automated, seamless process, Verification Gateway will also resolve your students’ C/R Codes. Students and parents are guided through the process, answer questions and submit additional documentation (if needed) in response to C/R Codes. Verification Gateway then automatically submits the correction(s) and requests the updated ISIR.


Simplify Document Management

All documentation is collected as appropriate through Verification Gateway, removing that task from your school’s financial aid team. In addition, it attaches the documentation to the student record so there is no sorting. You can pull individual documentation from our systems when required or we can provide a complete download of the information to the school.


A Better Student Experience

Verification Gateway guides students through each step, providing tips and options for document upload along the way. Students and parents receive alerts so they know what documentation is needed, when it’s due and when they’ve completed their requirements. And our highly trained Verification Specialists are available to answer questions via a dedicated toll-free number, if needed.


More Freedom for Financial Aid Staff

Financial Aid staff can spend less time on cumbersome busywork and more time with students. Using our administrator portal, Verification Gateway grants school staff the freedom to manage the online verification process.


Proven Effectiveness

Verification Gateway offers schools a means to award students faster; reduce your compliance risk and incoming call volume; and increase efficiency – all while improving student satisfaction.


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