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48% of Student Borrowers Don’t Know the Amount They have Borrowed

It’s Time to Help Students Become Smart Borrowers

With Loan Summary, Inceptia provides a simple, effective, uncomplicated solution –by helping you help students become smart borrowers.


Through ongoing loan summaries, your school can proactively educate students about details of their loan(s) including how much they’ve borrowed and their estimated monthly payment. Loan summaries are also supported through our online portal, Student Loan Knowledge HQ, part of our holistic approach that positions students and their schools for better repayment outcomes.


  • Individual student loan summaries include all current loans – not just the ones from your school.
  • Inceptia conducts outreach to your students, on your behalf, urging them to review the summaries.
  • By providing Loan Summary authentication information on Student Loan Knowledge HQ, student borrowers can easily and securely access their loan summaries during their entire college experience and beyond.


Inceptia’s Student Loan Knowledge HQ is a comprehensive, secure website providing student borrowers with the tools, support and financial knowledge they need to move successfully through the borrowing and loan repayment process and into a secure financial future.