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Student Resources

These items are ideal to share with the college student in your life. Or you can reap the benefits of this information as you work towards your financial goals.

Student Resources

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    • Great Advice for Grads eGuide

      Featuring original content and tips from the best contributors across the Financial Aid and education industry, these smart, student-oriented articles are ideal to share with not only recent and upcoming graduates, but with all students as you advise them during their student career, and prepare them for life beyond campus.


    • Great Advice for Parents eGuide

      Produced in partnership with NerdWallet, Great Advice for Parents is a free eGuide that offers timely advice on what students and their families should know leading up to and during the college enrollment process. Experts who have “been there, done that” weigh in with strategies to ensure both teens and parents are ready for open conversations about all things finance, helping students and parents be financially prepared for college expenses.


    • Financial Education Literacy for Kids

      In an ideal world, a financial education would start at home. Yet most parents express stress and fear even thinking about money conversations with their children. Featured author, blogger, and financial expert Rob Pivnick has penned an article with some smart tips to consider when talking to your kids about money.

      Rob Pivnick has also shared his expertise on financial literacy education for youth in his highly praised new book. Preview chapter one, download his handy worksheets, and purchase the full book to get your children on track to a financially successful future.


    • Federal Student Loan Overview

      Inceptia’s FAQ website provides borrowers detailed information on all repayment plans, useful links and helpful tips.


    • Managing Your Federal Student Loans

      Investigate the various repayment options for federal student loans by checking out some of these useful resources that will help you access the best plan of action.


    • Student Guide: 5 Quick Steps to Navigating the Financial Student Aid (FSA)

      Whether you’re a new student or a soon-to-be graduate, you should be consistently aware of your loan status. Our quick tips will help you navigate the FSA website like a pro, so you’re up to speed on your repayment status.